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Instructional Videos for CVUSD Students and Families

Google Learn Account

The Google Learn Account provides access to Google Classroom, Gmail, Docs, Slides, Drive, and other G Suite services used for learning.

CVUSD Google Learn Account Directions

1. Log In

2. Tabs and Bookmarks

3. Gmail (Email)

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is an online learning environment used for management, communication, instruction, assignments, and grading.

CVUSD Google Classroom Directions

4. Log In

5. Getting Started with Google Classroom

6. To-Do List

7. Turn In Assignments

8. Missing Work

9. Teacher Feedback

10. Notification Settings

Google Docs

Google Docs is a composition tool similar to Microsoft Word. Because it is online, students can access, edit, and share their documents from any device as long as they are logged into their google account.

11. Getting Started with Google Docs

Google Slides

Google Slides allows teachers to create and share presentations online. The slides can be shared as an assignment through Google Classroom. Students may edit the template and turn in the assignment through Google Classroom.

12. Getting Started with Google Slides


Seesaw is a collaborative platform for student engagement where creative tools are used to take pictures, draw, record videos and more to capture learning in a digital portfolio.

CVUSD Seesaw Directions

13. Log In

14. Getting Started with Seesaw

15. Add a response

16. Post

Think Central

Think Central is a website that allows students to access Go Math! curriculum materials. Teachers can share interactive lessons, assignments, and assessments with students.

17. Log In

18. Things To Do

19. Library/Resources

20. My Scores

21. Personal Math Trainer


Zoom is a platform for video and audio conferencing. Teachers have implemented best practices to ensure the safety and security of their students during Zoom meetings.

CVUSD Participant's Guide to Zoom

22. Getting Started with Zoom

Learning from Home on YouTube

Visit the Learning from Home YouTube playlist to view all instructional videos.
CVUSD Distance Learning Technology Support

CVUSD's team of dedicated technicians is here to support you. With our expanded technology support services, we can help with device issues at home, and guide you through distance learning platforms like Google Classroom, SeeSaw, and more.

We can do this together!

Dear Conejo Valley Unified Students and Families,

Thank you for visiting Learning from Home. For expanded technology support services, please call the Help Desk Hotline at (805) 498-4557 ext. 7592 or submit a support request here.

Wishing you great success with your distance learning,

Mrs. Dana Bisenius